Drinking Water
Regulatory Information

The state of South Dakota began primary enforcement of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in 1983. The South Dakota Drinking Water Program, part of DENR, develops and enforces the South Dakota Drinking Water Regulations that apply to public water systems in the state. Approximately 645 public water systems (PWS) currently exist in South Dakota.

Compliance Information

South Dakota submits data to EPA on a quarterly basis. Data submitted includes: public water system inventory statistics, drinking water standards violations, major monitoring/reporting violations, treatment technique violations, and enforcement actions taken against violators. The annual compliance report that South Dakota is required to submit to EPA will provide a total annual representation of the numbers of violations for: a) drinking water standards, b) treatment techniques, c) variances and exemptions, and d) significant monitoring violations. The information is based on data retrieved from EPA and verified against the state's database.

Enforcement of the Safe Drinking Water Act

The South Dakota Drinking Water Program is responsible for administering an efficient and effective regulatory program that implements federal and state drinking water regulations. The program is also responsible for carrying out enforcement actions of public water systems that are in violation of federal and state drinking water regulations.

Enforcement Policy

In January of 2010, the Drinking Water Program began implementing a new approach for identifying compliance with drinking water regulations by individual public water systems. The approach allows the program to focus on public water systems (PWSs) with health-based violations and those PWSs with a history of violations across multiple rules.

If you are interested in learning more about the new approach, please download the following document.

Enforcement Policy and Targeting Tool

If you have questions regarding the enforcement policy, please contact Tammie Hill in the Drinking Water Program at (605) 773-3577.

Federal Safe Drinking Water Act

On August 6, 1996, former President Clinton signed the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Amendments of 1996. The 1996 Amendments emphasize sound science and risk-based standard setting, small water supply system flexibility and technical assistance, source water protection, consumer awareness/right-to-know, and water system infrastructure assistance through a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. Below is a list of project areas included in the 1996 amendments. Each area will be updated as necessary.