Laboratory Certification

Certified laboratories use approved methods to analyze drinking water compliance samples from public water systems (PWSs). This provides the PWSs with reliable information on the quality of their water. The laboratory results are used to monitor PWS compliance with health-based and aesthetic standards.

Laboratories must:

  • Be certified by the state to analyze drinking water samples for compliance monitoring
  • Successfully analyze proficiency testing (PT) samples at least annually for each method and analyte for which they desire certification
  • Use approved methods
  • Pass periodic on-site audits

    Out of state laboratories wishing to be certified in South Dakota must provide specific information to achieve certification and to maintain their current certification status. Click here for more information.

    Laboratories certified for the analysis of drinking water in the state of South Dakota:

    South Dakota State Health Laboratory
    Laboratory Building
    615 East Fourth Street
    Pierre, South Dakota 57501
    Contact person: Rea Riggle
    Certified for: Inorganics, SOC's, VOC's, Chlorite, HAA5, Perchlorate, TTHM's, Microbiology, E.Coli enumeration, Radiological, Chlorite

    Sioux Falls Public Health Laboratory
    521 North Main, Suite 100
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
    Contact person: Lisa Kellen-Anderson
    Certified for: Microbiology

    Mid Continent Testing Laboratory

    2381 South Plaza Drive PO 3388
    Rapid City, SD 57709
    Contact person: Dean Aurand
    Certified for:  Inorganics, VOC's, Cyanide,  Microbiology, E.Coli enumeration,TTHM's, HAA5's, SOC's (except 548 and PCB's), Radiologicals, TOCs
    American Engineering Testing
    601 East 48th Street North
    Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    Contact person: Dan Hanson
    Certified for:  Microbiology, E.Coli enumeration



    Pace Analytical Services-Pittsburgh
    1638 Roseytown Rd, Suite 2
    Greenburg, PA 15601
    Contact person: Nicole Runco Certified for: Radiological


    Energy Laboratories Inc.
    1107 South Broadway, PO Box 30916
    Billings, MT 59107-0916
    Contact person: Leigh Ann Wise
    Certified for: Inorganics, SOC's(except Method 531.1, 547, 549.2), TTHM's, Cyanide,VOC's, HAA5's, Uranium

    Energy Laboratories Inc.
    2393 Salt Creek Hwy, PO Box 3258
    Casper, WY 82602
    Contact person: Donny Juarez
    Certified for: Some SOC's, Radiological, excluding Uranium,

    Eurofins Eaton Analytical LLC
    931 Corporate Center Drive
    Pornona, CA 91768
    Contact person: Robert Dean
    Certified for: Inorganics, VOC's, SOC's, TTHM's, HAA5's, Bromate, Chlorite

    Pace Analytical
    1673 Terra Ave
    Sheridan WY 82801
    Contact person: Amy Eady
    Certified for: Inorganics excluding Nickel, Uranium


    Eurofins Eaton Analytical Inc
    110 South Hill Street
    South Bend IN 46617
    Contact person: Theresa Zielke
    Certified for: Inorganics, SOC's, TTHM's, Cyanide, Chlorite, HAA5, VOC's, Bromate, Radiological, Uranium


    Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories
    2616 E Broadway Ave
    Bismarck, ND 58501
    701-258-9720    800-279-6885
    Contact person: Claudette Carroll
    Certified for: Inorganics, Cyanide, TOC's, Microbiology


    Element Materials Technology
    2417 West Pinhook Rd
    Lafayette, LA 70508-3344
    Contact person: Tristan Davis
    Certified for: Lead, Copper

    Element Materials Technology
    328 Ley Road, Suite 100
    Ft Wayne, IN 46825
    Contact person: Sarah Ezzelle
    Certified for: Lead, Copper, IOC's, VOC's, SOC's, TTHM's, HAA5's, Cyanide, Microbiology
    Foundation Analytical Laboratory
    723 Sleezer Road
    Cherokee, IA 51012
    Contact person: Brittany Erickson
    Certified for: Inorganics except Mercury, Lead, Copper, Cyanide
    Summit Environmental Technologies
    3310 Win Street
    Cuyahoga, OH. 44233
    Contact person: Sarah Marshall
    Certified for: Inorganics (Excluding: HG + F), Radiologicals