Air Quality Permit Application

A General Application is Required for All Permits
General Application for Title V (Part 70) Sources
General Application for Minor Sources
General Application for Construction
Source Specific Data Sheets to be Submitted with a General Application
Boiler, Turbine, or Furnace Operation
Generators and Fire Pumps
Incinerator Operation
Insignificant Activities
Kiln or Dryer Operation
Miscellaneous Process Operation
Spray Booth Operation
Storage Tanks
Pollution Control Data Sheets to be Submitted with a General Application
Baghouse Data Sheet
Cyclone Data Sheet
Electrostatic Precipitator Data Sheet
Miscellaneous Controls Data Sheet
Thermal Oxidizer Data Sheet
Wet Scrubber Data Sheet
General Permit Notice of Intent Applications
Asphalt Plants
Concrete Batch Plants
Grain Elevators
Rock Crushers
Construction Activities on State Property (including highways) in the Rapid City Area
Continuous Activities on State Property in the Rapid City Area
Miscellaneous Forms
Portable Relocation
Certification of Applicant Form