Feedlot Permit Program

Information Required for Adding Field(s) to Approved Nutrient Management Plans (NMP)

The following items must be submitted to DANR to add field(s) to your approved NMP. The field(s) cannot be used for manure application until DANR approves the field(s) to be included in your NMP.

  1. A clear Aerial Photograph / Field Map for each field (may be obtained from the local FSA office)
    • Clearly outline / highlight boundary of each field
    • Outline and / or crosshatch all excluded areas within each field:
    • Well setbacks (this includes private and public wells for domestic or livestock use and irrigation wells)
    • Buffer zones next to a lake, river, stream, or a conveyance to surface water (i.e. any natural or manmade drainage, open tile intake structures or other conduits to surface water, etc.)
    • Other areas not used for application (farmsteads, tree belts, non-farmed wetlands, steeply sloping areas, etc.)
    • Label each field with a Field or ID # (i.e. Tract & Field #) - when assigning field numbers consider continuing from the list in the existing NMP to avoid assigning the same field identification to more than one field
    • Map must show the legal location (Section, Township, and Range)
    • Legal Description of each field in the following format:
      W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Section 25, Township 104 North, Range 52 West, Yankton County, SD
      (Note: A field summary list should be included if three or more fields are being added)
  2. Total Acres and Acres Available for Application (deduct acreage of all excluded areas)
  3. Field Ownership - identify if permit holder is the legal land owner of each field. If the permit holder does not own the field, a manure application agreement between the legal landowner and the producer is required.
  4. Manure Application Agreements: DANR has an example agreement to use. Submit original copy to DANR.
    • Must include Field or ID #, legal description (see format above), and acres available for manure application;
    • Agreement authorizes the producer to apply manure to the field;
    • The agreement must be for at least one year and must be current during the time of application; and
    • Actual landowner (not someone renting the land) must print and sign their name and date the document (field ownership information is verified through the CountyDirector of Equalization Office).
  5. Soils Map - map for each land application field identifying the predominate soil types
  6. Estimated Water Erosion Soil Loss value (determined using RUSLE Equation) - include RUSLE calculation sheet
  7. Phosphorous Soil Test Result - include soil sample test results record
  8. Updated Three Year Initial Nutrient Management Plan spreadsheets OR identification of the current crop and the predicted three year crop rotation for each field

If you have questions about any of these management tools or if you have general questions pertaining to manure management, please contact Troy Roth at (605) 773-4647.