Waste Management

Solid Waste General Permits

The Waste Management Program has developed several "general" permits. A general permit is designed to apply to a variety of similar facilities. The general permit is often more restrictive than a permit written specifically for a particular facility (known as an individual permit), but the process for receiving authorization to operate is streamlined and more efficient.

All facilities must receive Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources authorization to operate under a general permit, before accepting any waste. For this reason, possession of a copy of a general permit does not mean that a facility is authorized to operate.

Solid Waste Application Forms

The following applications may be used to apply for either an individual permit written specifically for your site or may be used to apply for authorization to operate under a general permit:

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that fillable PDF forms be downloaded to your computer and completed using Adobe Reader. Fillable PDF forms can no longer be reliably completed in your web browser since many browsers have their own proprietary PDF viewers which do NOT work correctly with fillable PDF documents.

The following applications may only be used to apply for individual permits to be written specifically for your site:

For additional information about obtaining a permit, contact Jim Wendte by e-mail or by calling (605) 773-3153.