Permitting Guide

Our goal is to make the environmental permitting process as friendly and easy to understand as possible. Whether you have an existing business or are planning a new business, we want to help you understand everything you need to know about permitting -- What permits are needed? Where can I get application forms? What is the application procedure? Time frames? Duration of the permit? Cost? etc.

DANR's contact for one stop permitting is Ashley Brakke. Depending on the situation, Ashley may be able to answer your questions. If not, she can arrange to have the pertinent staff contact you or setup a face-to-face meeting at our office. At the meeting we will have department staff available to explain permitting issues and answer your questions.


Ashley Brakke, Natural Resources Engineer III

Phone: (605) 773-3151


Environmental Permitting and Regulation Guide

The environmental permitting and regulation guide is a comprehensive listing/description of department permits and regulations. Section III of this guide provides a listing of business groups and identifies what permits are frequently needed for each of the listed businesses. A detailed flow chart is also available for each type of permit as well as staff contacts for each type of permit. Click here to view the guide - this guide will be updated as we transition to DANR.

Who To Call?

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