Water Rights

Well Pump Installer Licensing

Licensing requirements. Schematic of well and pump installationIn South Dakota, any person who performs work for compensation in the repair of wells or as a well pump installer needs to obtain either a well driller's license or a well pump installer's license.

A license representative needs to be designated for each license and the license representative is responsible for all of the work completed. Each license representative needs to provide a description of their well repair or well pump installation experience with either their own company or other company, or both. In addition to providing the information requested on the application, the following information will also need to be provided for each proposed license representative:

  1. Dates worked with each well repair or well pump service company,
  2. Position, authority and responsibilities with a company,
  3. Types of wells repaired,
  4. Types of pumps installed,
  5. The name of the supervisor or someone that can verify work experience,
  6. Address of the well repair or well pump service companies,
  7. The manager or owner of the company, and
  8. Well repair and well servicing equipment you have for working on wells or pumps.

Following issuance of a license, each calendar year the license may be renewed. An application for a South Dakota well pump installer license or an application to renew an existing well pump installer license may be downloaded or completed online. Renewing a license requires complying with continuing education requirements in General Rules 74:02:01:43.11, 74:02:01:43.12 and 74:02:01:01(2) and the application to renew needs to be submitted by January 31. In addition, an application fee needs to be submitted with either a new application for a well pump installer license or with an application to renew an existing license.

For additional information, please review the well pump installer requirements contained in Chapter 74:02:01, contact us by e-mail or call (605) 773-3352.


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