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DISCLAIMER. The above map dataset is incomplete. There are water permits/rights not included because coordinates for the location have not been established due to the lack of a proper legal description. This is often true of very old filings which did not reference a specific section, township and range. Each water permit/right shown on the map is represented by a single diversion point (pumping location) even though the permit/right may have multiple diversion points. Most of the points shown on the map are calculated values and do NOT represent a precise location of the diversion point. Any reliance on the map results is solely at the user's discretion.

*Status Definitions:

Permit A water permit has been issued for the project which allows the holder to construct the project and put the water to beneficial use within a time frame specified on the water permit.
License An inspection of the permitted water use system was conducted and a water license issued for the portion of the project that was developed.

If two or more permits cover one water use system, they are incorporated together into one water license.  Any development under the individual permits is combined into a single water license.

Cancelled The water use system has not been constructed or has been abandoned and/or forfeited. The Water Management Board cancelled the permit or license and it is no longer in effect.
Denied The Water Management Board denied the application - a permit was not issued.
Deferred The application is in deferred status until additional information becomes available either from the staff or the applicant.
Withdrawn Application withdrawn by applicant prior to action on the application.
Future Use A reservation of a specific amount of water within a defined area for future development.
Hold An application for a water right permit to use water from a fully appropriated water source.  The application is being "held" in the event water becomes available at some future date.
Owner Change Denotes a water right or permit which has now been split between two or more owners.

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  • You may search using one or more of the search options.  Leaving search options blank or at their default value will NOT affect the results of your search.  However, using more than one search option helps narrow down your search results.  For example, searching for section "28" returns all records found in all sections numbered 28 throughout South Dakota -- including a township and range number limits section 28 to that specific township/range. If you don't know the township/range, then including the county in your search will help narrow down the results as well.
  • If searching by legal description (section, township, range) does not locate the water permit/right you are searching for or you don't know the legal description, then try to search by name/business.  A name search can be for all or any part of either a first name, last name, or business name.  The search is NOT case sensitive so you can use UPPER or lowercase letters. 

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