Watershed Protection

Section 319 Project Reporting Instructions

319 Project Midyear and Annual Reports
Midyear and annual "319(h) Project Progress Reports" are required for projects funded by 319 grants. The reports are submitted to DENR for review and entry on the U. S. EPA web-based Grant Reporting and Tracking System, (GRTS). Midyear reports are due April 15th; annual reports October 15th.

Directions for completion of the 319 Project Midyear and Annual Progress Report Form
For screenshots and further information, please see the Tracker Program Guide, pp 31-32. Log into tracker. Click on the correct project. Open the GRTS folder and Click New GRTS Report.

Header Information

  • Federal Fiscal Year of the project: Federal fiscal year of the all 319 grant awards associated with the project.
  • Today's Date: Date submitted to DANR.
  • Has the workplan been amended since the last GRTS report? Yes/No
  • Indicate the reporting period: Midyear report covers the period October 1st through March 30th; annual report April 1st through September 30th.
  • Project Title: Exact title from the Project Implementation Plan.
  • Report Dates: Generally from the date of the last report to 'Today's Date'
  • Address: Project sponsor's address as listed on the Project Implementation Plan or as corrected.
  • Phone: Telephone number of the sponsor (project coordinator).
  • Email: Email address of the sponsor (project coordinator).
  • Prepared By: Name of person who prepared the report (usually the project coordinator)

Milestones Completed

  • Once report dates are entered, click the 'Load' button. This will load information into the Milestones Completed, Objectives/Tasks, Accomplishments, Load Reductions and GRTS required information.
  • Stream Channel Stabilization, Streambank and Shoreline Protection, and Wetlands Created/Restored will be generated by Tracker's 'Load' button.
  • The overall Project Accomplishments, Objective/Task Accomplishments, and Conclusions text boxes must all be manually entered.
  • Paste information into the Overall Project Accomplishments, Objectives/Tasks Accomplishments, and Conclusions sections from a word document.


  • After information has been entered, click 'Save' near the bottom of the page. The report can be brought up again and modified. When done modifying the report, click 'Finalize'.
  • One can also save this document in a word document. To do so, click 'Create Word Doc'. Here one can open or save the document.


Guidelines for preparing a Final Project Report for section 319 grants projects is important for conveying information about the successes and failures of Nonpoint Source projects, and how grant funds were spent.