Watershed Protection

Request for Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 Project Proposals

Nonpoint Source Funding and Technical Assistance Guide

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SD DANR) requests proposals for Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 319(h) funds.

CWA Section 319(h) funds are provided to the states for two purposes:

  1. manage the state's nonpoint source (NPS) program; and
  2. projects that identify and address NPS pollution problems

Section 319 implementation project funds are awarded to support the most effective and highest priority projects. Projects can be in one of three general categories - watershed, ground water, and information and education.

To be considered for funding, applications must be received by SD DANR in either electronic or paper format by October 1, 2023. Project guidance and application requirements for submitting a project application, as well as application instructions and an example, are available from the DANR website.

Request for State Funding for Watershed Restoration Projects

Watershed Restoration projects requesting funding for the nonfederal cost share of a project must be on the State Water Facilities Plan portion of the State Water Plan. State Water Plan applications must be postmarked or received at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on or before the first day of October. Applications for amendment onto the State Water Facilities Plan are considered on a quarterly basis and must be postmarked or received by the department on or before the first day of February, May and August. A watershed assessment report must accompany the application.

State funding for watershed restoration projects comes primarily from the Consolidated Water Facilities Construction program. A project must have been placed onto the State Water Facilities Plan prior to submission of a Watershed Restoration Project Funding application. Applications must be postmarked or received on or before the first day of January, April, July and October.