Biomass Utilization

The goal of the division's biomass utilization effort is to develop industries and markets for small trees and woody material. Over 240,000 green tons of wood biomass residues are created in the Black Hills of South Dakota each year. Most of these residues are burned in the forest to reduce fuel hazard, while some is left to rot and some is utilized for energy production and manufacturing.

This utilization effort has taken on added importance since the National Fire Plan has placed the highest priority on addressing overstocked forest stands throughout the western United States.

Log Finder Website

The Log Finder website is designed to bring together people that want trees or logs removed from their property with people that want to utilize the wood. People who have trees (sellers) can post the tree or trees that they want removed. People are encouraged to post any tree or trees, from a single ornamental tree in a yard to a thinning operation on a large woodlot. Photos of the tree are encouraged.

Sawmill owners, procurement foresters, loggers, firewood processors, or other people interested in obtaining trees or logs to make value-added products (buyers) can post information about the kind of tree or trees they want. Buyers and sellers can communicate over a secure messaging system. If sufficient interest exists, they can share contact information.

Log Finder website

Professional Foresters

People with large woodlots are encouraged to obtain professional assistance before pursuing timber harvest on their land. Professional forestry assistance can be obtained from the Resource Conservation & Forestry Division or private foresters listed on the Register of Private Professional Foresters.

County Map & Services

Downloadable County Map

The following services are provided by Forestry Contractors:

  1. Precommercial Thinning
  2. Products Other than Lumber
  3. Commercial Thinning/Sale
  4. Salvage Operations
  5. Mountain Pine Beetle
  6. Tree Planting
  7. Fuel Break Construction
  8. Slash Burning/Piling
  9. Chipping/Mastication

Forestry Contractors

Resource Conservation and Forestry Division keeps a database of Forestry Contractors. The purpose of this database is to benefit private landowners to manage forestry on their property. Private landowners can search this database online or can request a list from RCF Staff. Forestry Contractors are located in the following counties: