Biomass Utilization

Eastern Red Cedar Utilization

The Division has been working with Randall RC&D to develop markets for the eastern red cedar that are encroaching onto pastures along the Missouri River breaks. We have provided them with technical assistance and EAP grants to research products that may develop into a business that can utilize the small cedar trees. As part of this project, the division conducted an inventory of the forest resources in the area.

View report of the results of that inventory.

The Division also assisted Cow Creek Cedar with their business efforts to make furniture from eastern red cedar and juniper along the Cheyenne River. Assistance was provided to help with operating expenses, marketing, and forest management. The Division of Agricultural Development provided a low interest loan that helped them purchase a dowel machine. The dowel maker processes bark-on timber into a round straight dowel with a smooth finish. The machine can take a log as short as four feet and up to twenty feet in length and from two inches to nine inches in diameter. A small portable band saw has also been added, primarily for sawing cottonwood.

COW CREEK CEDAR: An Economic Action Program Success Story