Stormwater Permits
for Construction ActivIties

  • Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI)

  • eNOI Application
    • FIRST TIME USERS: DANR has developed an electronic application for construction stormwater sites. If you would like to fill out the eNOI, please read the following information:
      • A Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) account is required for this submittal.
      • If you have used SCS to submit applications in other states, you may use that same login information. If you have not registered for SCS previously, you will need to do that prior to filling out the eNOI.
      • Net DMR login information is not valid for SCS.
      • The eNOI will allow you to pay the fee electronically with the submittal, or you may choose to print and mail the form with a check.
      • The link to the eNOI is also the link to Register with SCS to create an account.

    Stormwater Permit for Construction Activities

    Construction activities disturbing one or more acres must have coverage under South Dakota’s General Permit Authorizing Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (General Permit). This includes construction support activities* and construction sites that are part of a larger common plan of development or projects being done in phases. If the total area of the plan is over one acre, a permit is required for the duration of the project.

    Construction activities include but are not limited to:

    • Clearing, grading, or excavation;
    • Road or access road construction;
    • Construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings or property;
    • Installing cable lines, phone lines, and pipelines (excluding oil/gas pipelines); and,
    • Demolition activities.

    * Construction support activities are construction related activities that specifically support your construction site and are included in your site’s acreage. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Concrete or asphalt batch plants;
    • Equipment staging yards;
    • Materials storage areas;
    • Excavated material disposal areas; and/or,
    • Borrow areas.

    To obtain coverage under this General Permit, the Notice of Intent (NOI) must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the commencement of construction. Please be aware that a permit will not be issued until all necessary information has been received, including payment of the annual fee. If construction of your site is already in progress, submit the completed NOI immediately.
    NOIs must also include the first year's stormwater fee, billed to the owner of the project, as follows:

    Construction Stormwater Fees

    <5 acres


    5 to < 40 acres


    40 to < 80 acres


    80+ acres


    Pay by credit card or eCheck:

    • You MUST know the fee amount and project name or permit number you are paying before you call!
    • Call the DANR Fiscal Program at 605-773-4216 and ask to make a credit card payment.
    • There is a 2.5% charge for credit card payments and a .75% charge for eCheck payments.
    • A receipt will be emailed to you following payment approval.

    Pay by check:

    • Enter the project name on the memo line or include a copy of the invoice.
    • Mail a check to Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Fiscal Management Program, 523 East Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501

    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

      A SWPPP is required to be developed prior to submitting your NOI. Section 5.0 of the General Permit contains all the SWPPP requirements.

      Construction Stormwater Permit Forms:

      • Notice of Intent:  Must be signed by the project owner. Will not be accepted if signed by anyone other than the project owner, or an authorized representative.
        Complete Online and Print
      • Contractor Authorization: Must be filed by all contractors doing earthwork or who are responsible for day to day erosion and sediment control measures. Must be signed by the contracting company.
         Complete Online and Print
      • Notice of Termination: Must be submitted within 30 calendar days of meeting one of the stabilization requirements listed in Section 2.6 of the General Permit.
        Complete Online and Print
      • Transfer of Ownership: Must be filed when a construction project is sold to a new company owner or when lots within a subdivision/larger common plan of development are sold.
        Complete Online and Print
      • Add Temporary Discharge to Active Permit: Must be filed to add dewatering information to an active construction stormwater permit. Your construction stormwater permit number must be provided to submit this form.
      • Complete Online and Print

      Stormwater Team Contact Information:

      • Katie Adair, Program Assistant - 1-800-737-8676
      • Stormwater Team -

      Form Submission Information (Choose one option):

      • Mail form to:
        • Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources
          Surface Water Quality - Stormwater Team
          523 E Capitol Ave
          Pierre SD 57501

      • Electronic Form Submission: