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Pesticide Product Registration

Pesticide Product Registration State law requires that all pesticide products sold in South Dakota be registered with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources. Product labels are reviewed for compliance with state and federal labeling requirements. This means any products that claim to control, mitigate, or repel a pest must be registered. This includes, but is not limited to insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, insect repellents, desiccants, sanitizers, etc.

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New Products

- Login:
- Create New Company: (if you are going to create a new company, please search the above link first just in case there is already an existing company in our system)  

Application Fee: $165
Yearly Renewal Fee: $165
All New Products will be submitted completely online, through the Login portal above
Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card or Online Check
A marketplace/container label upload is required for each product
South Dakota Labeling Guidelines PDF

All products must be found at
IF the new product being submitted is a distributor product, please upload the EPA approved 8570-5
All information on the marketplace label submitted must match the master label submitted to EPA
We will not mail pesticide product registration certifications. However, the applicant will receive an automated e-mail from our database when the product has been approved/registered and can legally be sold, distributed, or used within South Dakota after this approval.


- Login:
Renewals are to be made online by June 30th each year

Yearly Renewal Fee: $165
Late Fee: 50% of the registration fee for each product that is not renewed by June 30th will be applied

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card or Online Check
South Dakota Labeling Guidelines PDF

25B Products

- DANR 25B Guidelines:

- Blank USF/CSF:

- EPA 6 Conditions:

- EPA Active Ingredients:

- EPA Inert Ingredients:

Application Fee: $165
Yearly Renewal Fee: $165
Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card or Online Check
We require the submission of a label and CSF/USF for each 25B product in South Dakota. We also have a list of guidelines for each product to follow, as well as EPA's 6 conditions linked above.

Revised Labels

Contact us if the label has been revised and either highlight the changes to the label or send us a document stating what changes have been made. Once this is done, please upload this revised label to our product registration website under the corresponding product.

South Dakota Contacts

Section 3 Pesticide Products, New Product Registration
Kristia Thomas

Pesticide Product Renewals, 25B Products
Katie Henglefelt

Environmental Scientist Manager
Tom Gere


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