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Environmental Assessment

When DANR is asked to conduct an environmental assessment, the department conducts a detailed review of the project identifying permitting or regulatory requirements, documented environmental spills or releases, registered storage tanks, and potential water quality, drinking water, or water rights issues associated with the project.

We encourage early consultation and notice of proposed projects. Please plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for our 30-day review to be completed. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Baylee Hoff at 605-773-3296 or at

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Please Note:

DANR maintains several databases that store statewide information relevant to FOIAS and Record Requests. If you only require information that is available online, please do not submit an EA request. Instead, gather your information using the online database and if you have questions regarding information you find, please call 605-773-3296 to speak with our staff.

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EA Submittal Requirements

The 30-day review process begins AFTER DANR is in receipt of ALL the information listed below:

  1. Contact information (name, mailing address, email address, and phone number) of the person submitting the request for review;

  2. Project name and description, conceptual and/or whole, including the proposed activity or proposed future use, timeline for the project, and location (including section, township, range AND latitude and longitude);

  3. Specific concerns or issues you wish DANR to address in the environmental assessment (please specify if you do not require an all DANR, agency-wide review, and instead only require specific information);

Project areas that cover multiple cities or counties should include several maps detailing these areas up close. Detailed maps allow DANR staff to provide accurate and thorough responses. If a map does not clearly define the scope of the project, DANR may request additional information before beginning the review.

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Aerial photos and/or maps must include:

  • Project name;
  • Labeled streets, waterbodies, and other landmarks;
  • Legend for information on the map;
  • Compass/north arrow;
  • Outline around the project area; and
  • Outline around any "off-site" areas that will be used for communication, power or energy infrastructure, waste sites, access/haul roads, disposal areas, stockpiles, staging equipment, etc..