Water Quality
Monitoring Network

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources maintains an extensive surface water quality monitoring network at many of South Dakota's streams. There are currently 154 active ambient monitoring stations across the state. The data from these sampling stations helps the Department identify problems, document improvements and demonstrate overall trends in the quality of South Dakota waters.

Quality Assurance Project Plan

Quality Management Plan

Standard Operating Procedures

Water Quality Monitoring Station Information

Water Quality Monitoring Station Map

Water Quality Standards Mapping Application

DANR Water Quality Monitoring Access Portal

Analysis Groups (Field and Laboratory Parameters)

Download Data at the Water Quality Portal

  • To download data, click Advanced tab.
  • Enter the Site ID , (aka Station ID that can be found in the Water Quality Monitoring Station Information link).
  • Enter the Date Range, then under Download the Data check WQX (EPA), MS Excel 2007+, Sample Results
  • (physical/chemical metadata) followed by clicking Download.

For more information, contact Aaron Leingang or call (605) 773-3351.


As stated above, South Dakota conducts sampling at numerous stream sites throughout the state. This information is entered into a national database called "WQX," which stands for Water Quality Exchange.

Water quality information from these sites can be obtained from the Water Quality Portal, and is used to develop Surface Water Discharge Permits and evaluate ambient stream quality. For more information, contact Aaron Leingang or by calling (605) 773-3351.