Fish Consumption Advisories

Each year, the Departments of Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Game, Fish & Parks cooperate to perform fish collection and sampling. The Department of Health issues consumption advisories.

The state of South Dakota has issued consumption advisories based on Mercury concentrations in fish, for: Bitter Lake, Coal Springs Reservoir, Cottonwood Lake (Spink), Dry Lake Number 2, Elm Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hazeldon Lake, Hurley Lake, Keisz Lake, Lake Isabel, Lake Minnewasta, Lardy Lake, Little Moreau, Long Lake (Codington), Lynn Lake, Middle Lynn Lake, New Wall, Newell Lake, North Buffalo Lake, North Island Lake, Opitz Lake, Pudwell Dam, Scott Lake, South Buffalo Lake, Swan Lake, Reid Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and Twin Lakes (Minnehaha),Twin Lakes/Highway 81 (Brookings/Kingsbury). For more information please visit the Department of Health website. South Dakota fish sampling protocols and procedures can be found here: Intensive and Screening Protocols and Procedures


For more information contact:

Aaron Leingang - Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources (605) 773-3351

John Osburn - Dept. of Health (605) 394-6064

John Lott - Dept. of Game, Fish & Parks (605) 773-4508