Pretreatment Industrial Users Discharge Permits

EPA (this link will take you out of the SD website) developed the Pretreatment Program as part of the NPDES program. South Dakota was delegated the authority for the Pretreatment Program on December 30, 1993. The Pretreatment Program regulates industrial discharges into sanitary sewers. The goal of this program is to prevent industrial discharges from impacting the wastewater treatment system or passing through the treatment system into the environment. The program is also designed to protect the safety of the treatment plant workers and ensure that the biosolids that are left over after treatment can be safely disposed of.


In South Dakota, we issue permits to industries that are considered to be significant contributors to a municipal sewer system. These permits regulate the allowable level of pollutants that can be discharged into the sewer. Permittees are required to sample their discharge and report these results to the state.

For more information about Pretreatment Industrial User permits, contact Kyle Doerr at (605) 773-3351. EPA has information about the National Pretreatment Program available on the internet.


Dental Effluent Guidelines

On June 14, 2017, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the dental effluent guideline rules. This rule requires all dental offices in the United States which use or remove dental amalgam and discharge wastewater to a municipal sanitary sewer system to meet requirements to reduce the discharge of mercury. These rules can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 40, Part 441. EPA has a guideline guide at The Water Quality Program is responsible for implementing this rule in South Dakota.

All dental offices in South Dakota must complete a One Time Compliance Report. Dental offices who discharge wastewater to the following cities must contact the city’s pretreatment coordinator:

City Contact Phone
Aberdeen Amanda Fischer (605) 626-7043
Brookings Matt Volkers (605) 693-3287
Huron Dave Lemke (605) 353-8539
Mitchell Jon Vermeulen (605) 945-8446
Rapid City Bob Druckrey (605) 394-4174
Sioux Falls Jesse Neyens (605) 367-8278
Watertown Craig Mitchell

(605) 882-6244

All other dental offices must submit their report directly to the department. For more information contact Kyle Doerr at (605) 773-3351.

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