State Water Resources Management System (SWRMS)

The State Water Resources Management System (SWRMS) identifies large, costly water projects that require specific state or federal authorization and financing. These projects are placed on the SWRMS list when recommended by the board and approved by the Governor and Legislature. The State Water Resources Management System serves as the preferred priority list to accomplish optimum water resources management in the state. A project remains on the list until it is removed by legislative action.

State funding is provided through project specific special appropriations in the annual Omnibus Funding bill. A State Water Resources Management System project requesting funding through the annual Omnibus Funding bill must submit the State Water Resources Management System Projected Funding Need application and the application must be received by the department by the first day in June. The Omnibus bill appropriates the funds to the board, and a grant or loan agreement is entered into with the major project sponsors under terms and conditions established by the board. State funds have been used as cost share for the implementation and construction of regional rural water systems, flood control projects, and irrigation projects.

Development activities receiving funding include reconnaissance and feasibility level engineering studies, environmental studies, and financial analysis. These studies are prerequisites for federal authorization.

Once the Legislature approves an appropriation for the State Water Resources Management System project, the department requests a formal letter to the Board of Water and Natural Resources from the project sponsor to place the funds under agreement.

State Water Resources Management System Projects

  • Belle Fourche irrigation upgrade project
  • Big Sioux flood control study
  • Hydrology and water management studies, to manage and protect state water resources for current and future generations
  • Cendak irrigation project
  • Dakota Mainstem regional water system study
  • Lake Andes-Wagner/Marty II irrigation unit
  • Lewis and Clark rural water system
  • Sioux Falls flood control project
  • Vermillion basin flood control project
  • Water Investment in Northern South Dakota project
  • Western Dakota Regional Water System study