Solid Waste Management Program Funding

The Solid Waste Management Program was established in 1992 to provide funding for solid waste disposal, recycling, and waste tire projects. The program is supported by the following funding sources: a $0.75 per ton landfill surcharge on municipal solid waste, a $0.25 per tire vehicle registration fee and principal and interest payments from past solid waste loans. SDCL 34A-6-85 provides that the board shall provide a grant or loan preference for recycling projects. The Legislature appropriates the dedicated solid waste funds annually through the Governor's Omnibus bill.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligible applicants include individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, counties, cooperatives, municipalities, regional or state-wide planning agencies, federally recognized Indian tribes, or special purpose districts that have the authority to construct or operate solid waste, waste tire, or recycling facilities.

Application Deadlines
Applications must be postmarked or received at the department on or before the first day of January, April, July, or October.

Award Dates
The department will notify applicants of the date for the Board of Water and Natural Resources meeting at which applications will be considered by the board. Board meeting dates are available on the SD Boards and Commissions.

Award Criteria
The Board of Water and Natural Resources is authorized to provide funding in the form of a grant, loan, or a combination of both to qualifying applicants under the Solid Waste Management Program.

The board may award less than the amount requested in the application or convert grant requests to loan or convert loan requests to grant funding. Funding decisions are based on the following criteria:

  1. Area to be served;
  2. Available program funds;
  3. Business plan review;
  4. Compliance with applicable permits and regulations;
  5. Debt service capability;
  6. Economic impact;
  7. Local contribution;
  8. Other funding sources;
  9. Rates;
  10. Readiness to proceed;
  11. Regionalization or consolidation of facilities; and
  12. Technical feasibility.

Match Requirements
A grantee must provide a minimum 20 percent share of the total proposal cost. Matching funds may include public or private direct contributions, loans from private or public sources including state and federal agencies, and federal grants. In-kind contributions may also be considered as matching funds.

Eligibility Requirements

Application Requirements
Applications must be completed fully and meet minimum program requirements before being presented to the Board of Water and Natural Resources.

Projects should address one of the following:

  1. Solid Waste Management Hierarchy in descending order of preference as outlined in SDCL 34A-6-1.2.
    • Volume reduction at the source;
    • Recycling and reuse;
    • Use for energy production;
    • Disposal in landfill or combustion for volume reduction;
  2. Potential cost savings, public health, or environmental benefits in solid waste management.

To assist in meeting the requirements the application includes a checklist.

Solid Waste Management Program Applications

Rules and Regulations
Rules and regulations concerning the Solid Waste Management Program may be found in the Administrative Rules of South Dakota 74:05:10.

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