Leafy Spurge

(Euphorbia esula)

Leafy Spurge 1
Leafy Spurge 2
Leafy Spurge 3
Leafy Spurge 4
Leafy Spurge 5
Leafy Spurge 6

Roots: Numerous pink buds, deep, reddish-brown, spreading, large nutrient reserves.

Stems: Erect, smooth, branched at the top, normally 1-2 feet tall.

Leaves: Alternate, narrow, length 1 to 4 inches

Seed: Born in exploding capsules that can expel seed to 15 feet, longevity 5 to 8 years.

Flowers: yellowish-green to yellowish-orange surrounded by yellow-green bracts.

Origin: Eurasia, thought to have entered the USA as a crop seed contaminant.

Poisoning: Milky latex sap throughout the plant may cause dermatitis on human skin. Toxic to cattle, sheep and goats do not seem to be affected.