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Plant Protection

Invasive Species
To report a non-native, invasive species, email Dale Anderson.

Nine Ways You Can Help Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species (from

  1. Learn about invasive species, especially those found in your region. The South Dakota Department of Agriculture, regional extension offices and the National Invasive Species Information Center are all trusted resources.
  2. Clean hiking boots, waders, boats and trailers, off-road vehicles and other gear to stop invasive species from hitching a ride to a new location. Learn more at
  3. Avoid dumping aquariums or live bait into waterways. Learn more at
  4. Don't move firewood- instead, buy it where you'll burn it or gather on site when permitted. Learn more at
  5. Use forage, hay, mulch and soil that are certified as "weed free forage."
  6. Plant only non-invasive plants in your garden and remove any known invaders.
  7. Report new or expanded invasive species outbreaks to state authorities.
  8. Volunteer to help remove invasive species from public lands and natural areas.
  9. Ask your political representatives at the state, local and national level to support invasive species control efforts.

For additional information, please visit the National Invasive Species Awareness website. There you will find information about meetings and webinars on the current state of invasive species in the United States, as well links to sponsoring organizations and specific information on their websites.

Other web pages with good information on invasive species: