in South Dakota


The entire state of South Dakota is part of a conservation district. Districts are a subdivision of the state, and are a public body. Each district is governed by a board of 5 supervisors who are elected on a non-partisan ballot for a four-year term.

The Division of Resource Conservation & Forestry and the State Conservation Commission are charged with assisting the state�s 69 conservation districts in carrying out their programs. This assistance takes the form of coordinating programs and activities among districts, providing necessary information, providing funding through grants and loans, assisting with proper accounting and financial reporting procedures, and providing technical assistance when available.


The mission of the state conservation program is to:
  • Provide conservation of the soil and soil resources
  • Control and prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent floodwater and sediment damages
  • Further the conservation development, utilization, and disposal of water
  • Preserve natural resources, control floods, prevent impairment of dams and reservoirs, assist in maintaining the navigability of rivers and harbors, preserve wildlife, protect the tax base, protect public lands, and protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of this state.