Conservation Commission


  • Review and make recommendations on all natural resource development programs proposed or planned by local, state, and federal agencies and subdivisions.
  • The Commission is responsible for actions involving the organization, dissolution, boundary or name changes for conservation districts or watershed districts.
  • The Commission is responsible for appointing the board of supervisors for a new conservation district. These supervisors remain in office until the next general election.
  • The Commission would be involved in any actions to remove conservation district supervisors from office for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office.
  • The Commission allocates grants from the Coordinated Natural Resources Conservation Fund to conservation districts and has rule-making authority for the grant fund.
  • The Commission approves loans to conservation districts from the Conservation District Revolving Loan Fund.


  • The Commission must recommend approval of conservation district loans made from the Rural Development Loan Fund in the SD Department of Agriculture.
  • The Commission has joint responsibilities with the Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry for requiring the conservation districts to prepare proper financial records and reports. The Commission has approved a standard fiscal year for all conservation districts, from January 1 through December 31.
  • Review and recommend any changes the Commission deems necessary to the success of the conservation district program.
  • The Commission shall keep a record of supervisors elected in each conservation district, appointments to fill vacancies, and the expiration date of each supervisor’s term of office.
  • The Commission shall allocate and distribute to participating conservation districts any funds, grants, supplies, or staff assistance which are available for that purpose, consistent with any restrictions.
  • The Commission shall provide newly elected supervisors with an oath of office form.