Tank Operator Training

The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the South Dakota Administrative Rule (ARSD) Chapter: 74:56:01:38.01 requires tank system owners and operators (managers) of any regulated Underground Storage Tank System (Regulated Facility) to complete a department-approved training program on the proper operation of tank systems. This regulation was put into effect in an attempt to help prevent releases from tank systems.

Since August 8, 2012, completion of an approved UST training course has been required for regulated facility owners and operators (managers) in South Dakota. All new owners/managers that cannot document previous completion of an approved training course shall initiate the training process within 30 days after assuming the operation and maintenance responsibilities at the UST facility.

To help the Facility owners comply with this requirement, DANR has once again teamed up with the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association to provide Free Training in 2022. Following is the list of Tank Training dates and locations. For more information call Dawna Leitzke at (605) 224-8606.


March 2022 Dates and Locations
March 30 Sioux Falls - Ramkota 1 pm to 5 pm
March 31 Rapid City - Ramkota 8 am to noon
May 2022 Dates and Locations
May 3 Sioux Falls - Ramkota 1 - 5pm
May 4 Aberdeen - Ramkota 8 am to noon
May 5 Rapid City - Ramkota 8 am to noon
July 2022 Dates and Locations
July 19 Sioux Falls - Ramkota 1 pm to 5 pm
July 20 Pierre - SD Retailers Conference Room 8 am to noon
July 21 Rapid City - Ramkota 8 am to noon
October 2022 Dates and Locations
October 12 Rapid City - Ramkota 8 am to noon
October 13 Sioux Falls - Ramkota 8 am to noon


Related Information

The Energy Policy of 2005

Penalty for not complying with the training requirement

Regulated facility owners that have not complied with the owners/managers training requirement of the department's Underground Storage Tank Regulation, 74:56:01:38.01 will receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) and penalty. The penalty for failure to complete the training is a minimum of $500 per tank; and they would still need to complete the required training.

If the NOV is not resolved, the facility will be subject to delivery prohibition, meaning it will be unlawful for the facility to receive any deliveries of fuel.