Inspection, Compliance
& Remediation

Pesticide Spills

When pesticides are spilled or released, there is a potential that surface water, groundwater, human health or natural resources may be threatened. Here's what you should know if a spill occurs.

When to Report a Spill
Pesticide discharges in excess of 25 pounds active ingredients that occur at operational areas outside of operational area containment must be reported to the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR). The operator or manager of a bulk pesticide storage facility shall notify the DANR or the Division of Emergency Management within 3 hours after a spill of more than 25 gallons of liquid or 500 pounds of dry pesticides outside the secondary containment area. The commercial carrier shall notify the DANR or Division of Emergency Management within 12 hours after the spill of more than 5 gallons of liquid or 50 pounds of dry pesticide which occurs during transportation. The commercial carrier shall provide written notice of a spill to the DANR within 72 hours after the spill. A release or spill of a regulated substance (includes petroleum and petroleum products) must be reported immediately if the discharge meets any of the following conditions: threatens or is in a position to threaten the waters of the state (surface or ground water), causes an immediate danger to human health or safety, exceeds 25 gallons, exceeds the ground/surface water quality standards of ARSD 74:54:01, or may be harmful or threaten wildlife or aquatic life.

Do not dispose/use spilled or contaminated material until the DANR grants approval. Use the Land Application Form and submit to the DANR prior to using or disposing of contaminated materials.